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Dear N.O.A.H members,


 Naturally on A High (N.O.A.H.) was seeded with a clear vision to help reverse and prevent illness through research proven, plant-based food. I’m sharing my roots of knowledge in hopes for us to view food with a fresh yet intrinsic perspective, where food is medicine. We’re all connected to food in a physical and mental way. If we can mindfully develop and shape our fundamental understanding of food, only then can our physical self begin to respond. Each bag of our granola is formulated with the highest quality, nutrient-dense and evidence-based ingredients. Our mission is to naturally heal and nourish our minds and bodies from the inside-out.

 In college, I Studied Biology and Psychology with plans to continue a life in medicine. It was during my time in training for graduate school where I discovered my true contribution to our society. I learned that most physicians treat their patients symptoms with a cocktail of prescription medications while ignoring their lifestyle and diet. N.O.A.H. was born because we believe in treating the underlying cause, not just the symptoms. Why take a life-long pill to lower your blood pressure when you can reverse and prevent heart disease with a plant-based diet? My interest in using food as medicine was forever planted. I chose to continue a life in medicine except I would trade in a white coat for a chef's coat.  

 Naturally on A High offers Granola because it’s a universal food staple, enjoyed by all generations of people and can offer an immense amount of nutrition in each and every cluster.  It has the potential to help replace your child’s breakfast bowl of cereal, to refuel those who are always on-the-go, and even a snack for those anchored to their desk with minimal time to eat. Our Nutrient-dense ingredients are scientifically proven to contribute to our overall health. It gives us great purpose to help restore our health industry by providing evidence-based food to be eaten the way it was always intended.



Stay N.O.A.H.,

Founder of Naturally On A High

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